Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Major)

The following is a summary from the current University of Memphis Undergraduate Catalog. To view the degree requirements from an earlier catalog, click here

Approved descriptions for all chemistry courses are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. More details can be found by clicking on links in the list below.

The major requires 36 hours in chemistry courses, 10 - 12 hours in mathematics courses, 8 hours in physics courses and one upper division ethics course as listed below.  This degree is recommended for students interested in teaching high school chemistry or pursuing entry level positions in the chemical industry.  It also offers the minimum coverage expected for admission to most graduate programs in chemistry.

  • CHEM 1110 & 1111: General Chemistry 1 Lecture and Laboratory
  • CHEM 1120 & 1121: General Chemistry 2 Lecture and Laboratory
  • CHEM 3111: Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 3211 & 3201: Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory
  • CHEM 3310 & 3301: Foundations of Organic Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory
  • CHEM 3411: Foundations of Physical Chemistry
  • CHEM 3511 & 3501: Foundations of Bio-organic Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory
  • CHEM 4999: Senior Survey
  • Eight additional upper division semester hours in CHEM courses
  • MATH 1910: Calculus 1
  • MATH 1920: Calculus 2 
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    COMP 1900 (Intro. to Computer Science) or other approved MATH course
  • PHYS 2110 & 2111 (Strongly recommended) or PHYS 2010 & 2011: General Physics I Lecture and Laboratory
  • PHYS 2120 & 2121 (Recommended) or PHYS 2020 & 2021: General Physics II Lecture and Laboratory
  • One of PHIL 3512, 3514, or 3515 or other approved upper division ethics course

Graduates must also satisfy the University General Education requirements (30 hours in addition to the courses listed above) and elective credits to complete a total of 120 hours for the B. S. degree.