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operations to the University of Memphis's (UofM) academic support services online platform, Upswing, for the remainder of the semester. CWC online consultants will continue to be available during spring break and the week of March 16, though there will be limited availability because only CWC online consultants will be available. Beginning the week of March 23, all CWC consultants will have migrated to the Upswing platform. 

To make an online consultation appointment, please visit the CWC scheduling page and click on "Schedule an Online Appointment." You will need your UofM credentials in order to do so. Once on the Upswing page, enter "writing" into the search bar. This should populate CWC consultants first, followed by non-UofM Upswing consultants. We suggest working with CWC consultants whenever possible, though Upswing consultants are available if you cannot find a CWC consultant available at your desired appointment time. 

All questions or concerns can be directed to the CWC Director, Dr. Scott Sundvall, at ssndvall@memphis.edu. 


How to Schedule a CWC Session

Scheduling an Appointment

Appointment Policies

·         Scheduled appointments typically last 45 minutes, while walk-ins are capped at 30 minutes.

·         If you are working with a draft, please bring a printed copy with you. The library has printers on each floor available for students.

·         Sessions typically start at the top of the hour.

·         Session times are designed so consultants have a 15-minute break in between sessions. It’s during this time that consultants write session reports, which we send to instructors and keep for our records. We ask that clients respect this time and wait patiently for their session to begin.

·         Scheduled appointments take priority over walk-ins. Making an appointment is the best way to make sure you can work with a consultant.

·         If you’re going over an assignment, please bring the prompt with you.

How to Make an Appointment at the CWC

1.      Click “schedule a session” at the top of the page.

2.      Click “in-person consultation.”

3.      If you have been to center before, login with your credentials.

           a.       What if I don’t remember my password?

                i.      The “reset your password” link at the bottom of the page will send you an email to change your password.

            b.      What if I haven’t been to the CWC before?

                i.      Click “register for an account.” After you have made an account, you can log into the system.

4.      After logging in, you’ll be able to see our schedule. The gray blocks represent times when we are closed. Blue blocks represent appointments made by other students. White blocks are available slots.

5.      Select a white block that represents the day and time you’re available.

6.      Fill out the form that pops up. When you’re done, click “save appointment.”

7.      You have successfully made an appointment with the CWC. Make sure you write down the date and time. An email notifying you of your appointment should also appear in your inbox as an added reminder.

8.      If you have any questions or problems, call us at (901) 678-1694.

How to Make an Online Appointment

1.      Click “schedule a session” at the top of the page.

2.      Click “online consultation.”

3.      Click “login,” which will redirect you to the myCampus login system.

4.      Select “meet a tutor.”

5.      Search for the tutoring topic.

a.       Tip: Searching for “writing” will yield many results. Try searching for the course instead.

6.      When you find a tutor, click “schedule” in their descriptor box.

7.      Pick a date and time that represents when you’re available.

8.      Fill out the form and hit “schedule” to make an appointment.

9.      You have successfully made an appointment!