Graduate School Forms

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REMINDER: Most of the Graduate School Forms will ask for a University Banner ID number (U-Number). When you log into SSB Banner on the myMemphis "Student Tab", the U-number is in the top right-hand corner.

Applications for graduate fellowships and awards may be found on the Assistantships, Fellowships, and Awards web site.


Admissions Application
Change of Major/Update - This form should NOT be completed if you are a currently enrolled student. This form is used only to change information on current admissions application.
Change of Status- This is NOT an application for first-time admission to Graduate School. This form is only for current degree seeking student wishing to change their degree program or degree level.
Accelerated Bachelors/Masters - This form is to be used by UofM undergraduate students only who wish to enroll in a graduate level course.
Graduate Non-Degree Agreement 
Readmission Application - This form MUST be submitted IF you missed enrolling in either a fall or spring semester.
Residency Classification Application Instructions
Residency Classification Application Form
Student Academic Program Update Form - This form is used to add/readmit/change a program; drop a program; or change your starting semester. Signatures are required before submitting to Grad Admissions.


Timesheet for Service Graduate Assistants 
Verification of Academic Credentials 


Apply to Graduate - can be found on MyMemphis portal
Comprehensive Examination Results 
Course Substitution - For all levels of candidacy forms
Credit by Examination/Course Validation 
Doctoral Degree Candidacy Form 
Instructions for Completing Doctoral Degree Candidacy Form 
Graduate Certificate Program Candidacy Form 
Master's Degree Candidacy Form 
Instructions for Completing Master's Degree Candidacy Form 
Request to File for Graduation After Semester Deadline
Transfer Credit Evaluation - For Graduate Certificate Programs Only
Transfer Credit Evaluation - For Doctoral Degree Programs Only
Transfer Credit Evaluation - For Master's Degree Programs Only

Paper Doctoral Degree Candidacy Form

Paper Master's Degree Candidacy Form

Paper Graduate Certificate Candidacy Form


Animal Care Facility Forms 
Human Subjects Research Form
ProQuest Dissertation Publishing Agreement Form - This form should be submitted in the ProQuest system.
Survey of Earned Doctorates - This form should NOT be completed until AFTER dissertation has been submitted and approved in the ProQuest system.
Thesis/Dissertation Checklist
Thesis/Dissertation Defense Announcement form - must be submitted three weeks prior to date of defense.
Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form 
Thesis/Dissertation "Proposal" Defense Form 
Thesis/Dissertation "Final" Defense Results Form 
Thesis/Dissertation Faculty Committee Form 
Request to Submit a Late Dissertation or Thesis
Sample - Table of Contents
Sample - Title Page


Course Revision Forms 
GRE Fee Reduction Request
Grade Appeals
Grade Expiration Form 
Graduate School Competitive Awards, Nomination Form 
Graduate School Competitive Awards, Self-Application Form 
Graduate Student Travel Funding Application Form 
Incomplete Grade - Extension 
Support Form for Late Drops and Withdrawals
Late Drop/Withdrawal Procedure
Leave of Absence Form
Out-of-State Tuition Waiver - For students enrolled in thesis/dissertation credit only and who currently live out of the state of Tennessee
Termination Procedures Form 
UT Reciprocal Agreement Form