Nutrition Science (M.S.)


The nutrition science concentration provides individuals with an excellent opportunity to pursue their interests in understanding the roles of nutrition in health and disease, development and aging, and in athletic performance. The objective of the nutrition science program is to ensure that our graduates obtain an advanced and comprehensive education in nutrition along with research training that includes experimental design and analysis, laboratory skills, and experiences in scientific writing and presentations. Interdisciplinary opportunities exist with faculty in biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, exercise and sport science, and psychology, as well as with faculty at other institutions within the Memphis area. You'll have opportunities to study the influences of nutrition at levels of organization ranging from genes to intact organisms. Although many students will have an interest in human nutrition, there are also opportunities to study the nutrition of companion, exotic and production animals.

The master’s degree in nutrition science is a 33-credit-hour program that offers a diversity of courses so you can develop a curriculum that is matched to your specific interests. A research project culminating in a formal thesis is required. Students entering the program will need to identify a research advisor who will assist in forming a graduate committee that will provide guidance in identifying courses and will assist in the design, performance, analysis and interpretation of your research. Students completing the degree program will be well-prepared for advanced graduate study (Ph.D. or M.D.), as well as for employment opportunities in academics, private industry or government. Moreover, the multidisciplinary training available will position graduates of the program to be leaders in the field of nutrition.

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have a desire to learn, want to explore new areas of study and to become leaders in the field of nutrition.

Applicants must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with some coursework in fields of study relevant to biological, chemical or nutritional sciences. Applicants will be selected for admission to the program based on a combination of grade point average, graduate record examination (GRE) scores within the past five years, a narrative statement that includes career goals and letters of reference.



  • Concentration: Nutrition Science
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Degree Sheet

When completing the M.S. application, your major will be nutrition with a concentration in nutrition science.

Graduate Assistantship Available - Fall 2020

Seeking: Candidate with B.S. degree in biology, chemistry, or related area interested in M.S. program in nutrition science or exercise, sport & movement sciences.

Position entails a variety of activities, including - subject recruitment and screening, data collection, blood/urine/tissue collection and processing, animal handling and training, biochemical assays and manuscript writing.

Assistantship benefits: Tuition and fees for 9 credit hours per semester (Fall and Spring) + monthly stipend of $1000 for 8 months each year. A summer fellowship is also available for a $2000 award. Students will be well-prepared for advanced graduate study at the Ph.D. or M.D. level upon completion of the program. 


"The College of Health Sciences at the University of Memphis has both challenged and strengthened me more than I thought possible. This is largely due to the phenomenal faculty in the M.S. in Nutrition Science program who have a passion for education and research that is unparalleled. In addition to greatly expanding my knowledge in nutrition, I worked on many research projects which exposed me to immunology, phlebotomy and a variety of lab techniques such as western blotting and histology. Learning how to work in a biochemistry laboratory was very rewarding and truly refined my critical thinking and problem solving skills. I can confidently say that the College of Health Sciences prepared me for my career in nutrition and research." - Jacqueline Marie Wyman, M.S. 

"Thanks to my time and work at the College of Health Sciences, I have been able to grow and pursue dreams that were not previously possible. Through one-on-one mentorships with exceptional professors and interdisciplinary collaboration, I was prepared for further graduate study and research pursuits. Furthermore, my diverse experiences working as a graduate research assistant have provided me the tools to succeed in the competitive science field. I highly recommend the College of Health Sciences to anyone who is motivated and ready for a challenge." - Jessica L. Hill, M.S., RN